Saturday, March 12, 2005

Saturday March 12

Well, it's been a couple of days since my last entry, so i'll fill you in on what's been going on.

"She" has been ok. I've tried to be more relaxed about her, and she has acknowledged that if there are things she wants me to do, she'll have to tell me exactly what she wants. I think things are starting to click, but watch this space...

My favourite supplier sent me some stuff yesterday, including a signed copy of her book. I really wish she lived in London so that i could maybe meet up with her sometime. She seems so nice. She emailed me at 5.20 on Friday and flagged it as urgent, so i was expecting some trouble when i opened it, but all it said was "have a great weekend". She's amazing. I wish i could get her phone number or something. But i'm starting to feel like a bit of a stalker now.

What else has happened? Oh yes, going into the papers, the big story was this Anti-Terror bill that was bouncing between the Lords and the Commons for days. Labour complained that it needed passing so urgently, but were prepared to accept compromises and delays on it. It strikes me that if it was so urgent and important they would have used the much vaunted Parliament Act to force it through quickly. But apparently this is not quite so important as Fox-Hunting, which did merit a swift forcing through. I really hate this government. I just wish it would get its priorities right.

Despite this, my favourite story was the one about a Romanian man who thought he could cure his wife's gossiping habit by locking her in a pig shed for 24 hours. He said that it was totally humane though, because he fed her through the roof. Brilliant. Almost worth building a pig shed for!

Anyway, it's saturday morning and i've got a busy weekend ahead of me. Playing hockey today, and then keeping up with the FA cup results as well as the rugby is a full time job in itself! Tomorrow, i've got an extended American Football training session before the first game next week, and then cricket indoor nets in the evening. I'll need a weekend to recover from this!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Wednesday March 9

"She" wasn't so good today. She had a crack at me in the morning, over a mistake that i made. Fair enough, but no need to keep on, and on, and on. She was better in the afternoon, actually admitting that she had made mistakes. There's a first!

Anyway, the only other shock of today, was that the trains ran on time! Both in the morning and evening! One day in 20 isn't bad!

I've also been feeling a bit low this afternoon. I got duped into eating Quorn sausages that were passed off as meat ones. As a result i've had bad indigestion, wind and a horrible aftertaste that keeps repeating on me. Probably too much information for you, but i've been breaking wind all afternoon and trying to hide it, so it was a tremendous relief to get into the shower for some privacy and just let it all out... except nothing happened. Always the way. You store it all up and when you're ready to release, nothing.

I also discovered that my sister is a fraudster. Nothing more than a common thief. Well, that sounds a lot worse than it is. All she did was use my account to download music, so i got an email receipt notifying me of a purchase that i certainly didn't make. When she get's in i'll collar her and demand she pay me back the 79p that it cost.

In the papers today, Sinn Fein are offering to kill the man (men) who killed a man in a Belfast pub. His sisters kicked up a fuss to make sure that everyone knew about the man's death, and now in a big publicity stunt the political wing of the IRA are offering to bump-off the fella who killed their brother. Why not just tell the police who he is and let them sort it? If Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness know who the murderer is, can't they be prosecuted for witholding information, or harbouring a known fellon? And after the years of conflict and turmoil how can they just announce that they would do this? After we've had peace for the longest sustained period in ages, how can they jeopardise this over some kind of publicity stunt. One wonders whether they'd take any action if the sisters took them up on their offer...

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Tuesday March 8

A better day today. "She" asked for my help on a few topics, so i felt really superior for a while.

I also got to talk to my favourite supplier. She's lovely. We've been trading emails for ages and spoken on the phone a few times, and now we even contact each other just to talk about nothing in particular. I worry that i get to attached to her, but she emailed me today to tell me how much she liked me and how much i made her laugh. When i read this i toyed with the idea of trying to make another step forward and try and get a phone number or something. Then, with a shake of the head i dismissed it as a pipe dream. I've never met her, but i envisage her to be gorgeous. She has a beautiful voice and a wonderful personality. She likes me so much that she's sending me some samples that are just for me to keep and play with. She's sending the real samples to my buyer. I always find myself smiling when i see an email from her and i wonder if i'm getting a little besotted by her...

The only thing that i can complain about today (aside from the late trains again) is that the most talented rugby player England has seen for a number of years is being overlooked by an England team in the doldrums. Ollie Smith of Leicester is on the bench for the Six Nations game against Italy. i can't believe he isn't in the starting line up. He's fabulous. And How is Steve Thompson still starting as Hooker? The man can't throw at lineouts, he can't scrummage particularly well, and he's not that mobile any more in the loose. Andy Titterall has waited in the wings for ages, and deserves his chance. But that is the only whinge i can really have about today. It's been quite a good day...for a disappointment...

Monday, March 07, 2005

Monday March 7

"She" was bad today. Must be that time of the month. I got a reception frostier than the Arctic from her and she insisted on checking up on every little thing i was doing. She even wanted me to talk her through every email i sent during the day. I really dislike her. She is making my life a misery. The only plus point is that she gave me time off to go to New York next month. Bonanza!

I just scanned the newspapers this morning when i was on the train and i see that there are new proposals to form "all black" classes and even "all black" Schools. Segregation. Exactly what the world needs. After all the work done in the US during the 50s, 60s and 70s and the teachings from apartheid South Africa, why are we even considering this move to take us back 50 years? There is no room for prejudice in this world (apart from against women. Poor drivers...). And at a time when "kick Racism Out Of Football" is at the fore, a move like this could only create more racism and pre-conceptions about different races.

Rule one: I don't like idiots. And only idiots could propose moves like this.

It's not been the greatest day! I've been angry with "Her" and fed up with the state of the world. Things can only get better...

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Sunday March 6th

Busy day today. Up early for American football training. Then straight on to preseason cricket nets. Managed to get my foot stamped on at training, and then got hit twice on the same spot by the cricket ball. I guess the coach can't fault me for not getting my foot to the pitch of the ball!

Mothers' Day today. I gave mum a card and a pair of matching vases that she really liked. I managed to get them on the cheap, but i kept quiet about it!

And now i'm cooking dinner. Rost Pork tenderloin with caramalised apples and roasted vegetables. Sounds nice, but i doubt it will be when i get it out of the oven. Fortunately, i made a fruit salad for dessert. Surely i can't go wrong with that...

Anyway, i've not got much to whinge about today. Apart from work tomorrow. I have to put up with "her". She used to work for a rival department store that went bust and has come in as my direct superior. She doesn't like me, and i don't like her. But she tries. I don't. Why should i make an effort to win her over. Her boss likes me, so that surpasses her views surely? She tells me to do all these things that i don't understand nor do i enjoy, so i usually make a mess of it, and then she huffs and puffs that she'll have to do it herself. "unlucky love, but if you don't tell me what it is you want me to do then chances are i'm going to screw it up, or not do it to your high standards!". She really gets on my nerves. She's ugly too, so that really doesn't help.

Just checked the food. Seems to be doing ok. Another ten minutes should do it. Or maybe 15. 20 to be safe? No, 10 will be fine. I hope. If 10 isn't fine, then you'll soon know, because i won't be writing tomorrow...

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Saturday March 5

They say that the opening paragraph of a book or story is the most important. They say that if you can capture the attention in the first paragraph and on the first page then you have them for the rest of the story.

So if you're still reading here, it looks like I have your attention.

Well, I don't know what inspired me to start this blog. Or what I'm going to write. I guess this is the best forum for pouring out my emotions and letting lose as to what state my life is in at the moment. I don't expect anyone to read this, so I'll be as honest as I can. But if you do read this then let me know!

So, about me... I'm a disappointment. Ask my parents. They'll tilt their heads to one side and protest. That's their way of agreeing with you. However, it's not them that are disappointed with me. It's me. Myself. I'm disappointed with myself. I'm 21 (some people will tell you that i'm still too young to feel that way, and that my whole life is in front of me - they're wrong), i've got a job with a prominent National department store (some people will say that my career is bedding in nicely - they're wrong), and a reasonable social life. That's the neutral view. My view is that i'm 21, so all the opportunity for me to do all the stereotypical things young people do has passed. I've got a steady job that i'm not too fond of, that's paying me peanuts and means travelling for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening. I have some friends, but they don't really seem too interested in me at all. I play a lot of sports, none of which i am any good at, despite constant practise, and i'm overweight. I don't mean a little bit tubby. I'm a big fat man. Ah well, these things happen.

I guess in this respect i'm like any other person. Most of the people i know could stand to lose some weight, and who actually likes their job? But i'm really disappointed because i feel as though i could do so much better. I was always very average at school. I was "gifted" when i was 10 years old, and that got me into one of the best schools in the country. Where i proceeded to be average, whilst others were exceptional. I'm sure i could have done better, but that time has passed.

I got into a really good university. I scraped the A-levels to get there, and finished with a very average degree. I know what you're thinking. An average degree is still better than no degree. Well think about it this way. There are about 650 universities/colleges in this country. Each year the average number of successful applicants for these universities is about 350,000 students. So in a few years' time, my average degree will mean virtually nothing. And what with the Education Secretary proposing new A+ and A++ grades for A-levels, i'm going to look like i should have gone to a "special" school! I guess my glass really is half empty, eh?

So that's a bit of background for you.

I've been angry for the last few days now about things. I'll make something clear here, i don't like idiots. Ironic really, seeing as i've just condemned myself as one, but i don't suffer fools gladly. I either get angry or start laughing, and invariably it's at them and not with them. The only other thing i dislike is "racism". What's the point? Two white guys have a joke at each other's expense then that's fine. My mates call me fat all the time. It doesn't bother me. It's my distinguishing feature. But someone getting angry because another person has made a joke of their most distinguishing feature being their skin colour is racist. Never really understood that. "But you are black" doesn't seem to be much of an argument with these people, and yet in my logical head it works. Maybe skin colour shouldn't be the first point of attack, but surely the most obvious.

Anyway, things in the news have reflected both these pet hates of mine. A girl has won a court case against a school she doesn't even go to anymore because the school forbade her from wearing traditional Muslim dress. The main argument was that this was racist and an infringement of her human rights. Rubbish. She didn't wear school uniform. She needs to be punished. If i turned up in great long beige and brown robes to school, my defence being that it is the traditional dress of my Jedi religion, i'd be pilloried and sent home. And yet she is awarded and put forward as a beacon of hope for Muslims. Normally i'd just sigh, question what the world is coming to, and turn the page to read about the latest credit card fraudster or what George W. Bush has done to disgrace himself today, but i have a problem with this. The school in question had been very flexible and designed a uniform to cater for those of a different religious persuasion. It met all the criteria set out in the Koran for how women should dress (apparently - but i'll come to that later), and yet she still refuses to wear it. This smells of phoney matyrdom to me. Her problem with it? The uniform didn't cover her head. Rubbish.

The Koran says that women should have their faces covered too, but she wasn't arguing for that. I just don't get it.

This brings me onto my next point of complaint. Islam. The most popular religion in the world. But it seems a strange one to me. Apparently it is written that Muslim men must have a beard the length of their fist. Women must keep all of their body covered to protect their modesty. Is that really very sensible? The Bible tells us that homosexuality is a crime and should be punished. It also tells us that slavery is acceptable. Neither of this teachings is right, nor are they applicable in today's modern society, nor should they be. Christianity is a fine religion, as is Islam, and i respect anybody with honest religious beliefs, but i also believe that religion must be adapted, not compromised, but adapted for today's society. Despite this respect for people with stong beliefs, i do not tolerate extremism. Why do Islamic extremists insist on blowing up buildings, cars and even themselves to prove that America or Britain are evil. If that is so, why do so many Muslims live in these two countries? So far, i hear in the news of all the "evil" countries bt never why they are evil? Because they have different beliefs? because they have leaders who don't really understand what's going on? I just want to know why. If we knew why then maybe we could sort things out to keep everyone happy. Probably not, but maybe.

I just realised that i've waffled on for ages, and probably lost the attention of anybody that got past the first paragraph, but these are my opinions. I have lots of them. I will let you know of any more that bubble to the surface during the days and weeks ahead. I anticipate that there will be a few...